Republican Lorie Zapf
Is With Trump. Not Us!

Lorie Zapf claims she represents our values, but she’s a Republican who won’t stand up to Donald Trump. Zapf went to a party celebrating Trump’s inauguration, has failed to oppose Trump’s border wall, and supports letting Trump’s agents deport and separate families. She has also failed to protect our kids by opposing a ban on assault weapons. Zapf takes thousands in donations from big Trump donors and won’t stand against Trump’s divisive and extreme agenda.

Zapf Celebrated Trump’s Election

Zapf Attended Trump Inauguration Party In Fairbanks Ranch. “Rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the 400 or so Donald Trump well-wishers who gathered at Fairbanks Ranch Country Club to watch Friday’s televised inauguration… The Rancho Santa Fe crowd included a few politicians — county Supervisor Bill Horn, San Diego City Councilwoman Lorie Zapf and former Congressman Brian Bilbray — but was mostly just supporters dressed in Republican red and celebrating what they describe as a new beginning.” [Union-Tribune, 1/20/17PhotoPDF of Rancho Santa Fe Review page]

“Hope And Unity” Were The Messages Zapf Took Away From Trump Inaugural Speech. “Hope and unity were the messages Zapf took away, along with appreciation that Trump stressed three areas high on her agenda: safe neighborhoods, good schools and jobs. ‘We have a lot of problems. Being divisive doesn’t solve these problems,’ she said. While anti-Trump protests were taking place elsewhere, this little publicized event was remarkably free from naysayers.” [Union-Tribune, 1/20/17]

Doing The NRA’s Bidding

Zapf Voted Against Resolution Supporting Bans On Assault Weapons, High Capacity Magazines. In March 2013, Zapf voted against advancing a resolution from Councilmember David Alvarez expressing support for reinstating the federal assault weapons ban and banning ammunition clips in excess of ten rounds. [Public Safety & Neighborhood Services Committee Minutes, 3/13/13, Item-8]

NRA Thanked Zapf For Her Vote Against Alvarez’s Resolution. In a March 2013 post on their website, the NRA Institute for Legislative action encouraged members to “Please call AND e-mail Councilmember Lorie Zapf and Mark Kersey to thank them for supporting law-abiding gun owners by voting to oppose this worthless and offensive resolution.  Ask them to continue to support gun owners by opposing this ‘assault weapons’ resolution.” [nraila.org3/15/13]

Supporting Trump’s Border Wall

Zapf Was Only Councilmember Who Spoke Against Council Resolution Opposing Trump’s Border Wall. “The San Diego City Council approved a resolution on Tuesday opposing President Trump’s enhanced border wall and seeking disclosure of all companies involved in financing or construction of the proposed project. The council voted 5-3 in favor of the resolution along party lines, with five Democrats voting ‘yes’ and three Republicans voting ‘no.’ Republican Scott Sherman was absent… The only Republican who spoke against the resolution, Councilwoman Lorie Zapf, said the resolution was pointless and dismissed it as ‘political posturing.’” [Union-Tribune, 9/19/17]